Probabilistic grid condition forecasting: Simplified decision-making2022-11-09T13:43:51+00:00
Intelligent partial discharge evaluation of generator insulators using machine learning methods (SmartPD)2022-11-09T13:37:10+00:00
Temporal Fusion Transformers – Improved wind power forecasting2022-10-05T12:35:25+00:00
Alsland – Detecting microgrids using artificial intelligence2022-10-05T12:28:39+00:00
CTRL – Development chain for intelligent plant control2022-10-05T12:25:42+00:00
KESL2RPN – Power grid manages challenges independently2022-10-05T12:20:24+00:00
InvEx – Expert tool for developing converters2022-10-05T12:17:01+00:00
AI OPF – The grid as a complex arithmetical problem2022-10-05T12:15:01+00:00
Cognition2H2Force – Efficient hydrogen production2022-10-05T12:12:35+00:00
HeatCast – Reducing CO2 emissions through efficient forecasts2022-10-05T12:05:57+00:00
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