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Artificial intelligence is a vast field. The K-ES is specialized in making the usual methods of intelligent autonomous systems, self-supervised learning, and deep learning available for the energy industry. In order to implement cognitive applications in the industry, we develop feasibility studies and prototypes, and support the operationalizing of AI solutions.

There are currently 20 employees working in the areas of cognitive energy economics, cognitive power grids and cognitive energy system technology. We offer contract research and partnership development services.

The aim of our new institution is to become one of the leading communities for AI in energy economics. We look forward to receiving applications by researchers and companies alike, because this ecosystem thrives on the cooperation of theory and practice.

The way has been paved: Young scientists can expect a special training infrastructure and a comprehensive inventory of models and data. This enables us to conduct efficient research in cognitive energy systems across locations. We look forward to your contribution. Welcome to the K-ES Community!

André Baier

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Dr. Christoph Scholz

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